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Why Lead Verfication is important

A data-driven strategy is the industry standard for performance marketing. Whether you buy or sell leads, you need strong lead hygiene.

Low lead quality is the main challenge that many marketers struggle with, good lead verification practices can put an end to this dilemma and improve lead quality. This will result in higher conversion rates in terms of Sales. Verifying leads adds value to them. When clients receive leads that are verified, it results in optimum closures of sales, in other words, a good verification process in your lead gathering operation can help increase your profits.

YoanOne provides high quality leads for a wide spectrum of products and services. We will work with your sales team to analyze leads and ensure greater market penetration.

Our process methodology:

Verifying all the leads by the use of some very effective data verification tools.

Furthermore, the verification of phone number, postal address and email address is the basic necessity, as it will ensure us that we are dealing with a real person and not a fake identity.

Physical calling by the lead verification team to do the above stated routine.

Phone verified data is double checked thru email by the Verifcation Team.

Right Approach at YoanOne


  • Validating phone and email of the contact
  • Validating the company info and filter to criteria
  • Contact name and title validation
  • Augments user input data


  • Enhances lead quality and increases lead conversion rates with validated data.
  • Improves lead contact ability.
  • Improves sales conversion metrics.
  • Enables measurement of your vendor's lead quality for evaluation purposes.