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Accurate Scoping

Only qualified individuals are targeted with our E-SCOPE® Engine, thus reducing overhead and increasing deliveries.

Automated Campaign Scheduling

Target almost any region with our scheduled campaigns that run on very reliable softwares.

Multi Device Lead Capture Page

Our team ensures ease of access to emails and landing pages for prospects on all kinds of devices

Immediate Results

Our blazing fast email servers track results within seconds after sending emails

Reduced Time & Effort

Real-Time Messages

Personalized Messages

Prospect Segmentation

Easy Calls to action

Immediate Results

How things work here

Our Email Marketing Process


Setup Creatives


Automate campaigns according to specifications


Gather & Verify Captured Leads


Delivered to Client

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Email has an ability many channels don't: Creating Valuable Personal Touches - At Scale

Are you ready to reach a global audience within minutes? We help brands and agencies by creating beautiful and professional emails and distribute them to millions of prospects worldwide, thus generating awareness and leading to increased conversions.

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