Strategically Market to Key Accounts

Account Based Marketing

Most B2B buying decisions are not made by a single person, but rather by a collective group of people.

Account-based marketing (ABM) is the strategic approach marketers use to support a defined universe of accounts, including strategic accounts and named accounts. It also includes support for the post-sale customer lifecycle using marketing toolkits to contribute to the overall customer experience. Yoan One provides guidance on how to deliver the insights, goal setting, strategy and planning, integrated marketing execution, and sales alignment required to support growth, retention, and loyalty objectives. It also provides guidance on how to measure marketing’s impact beyond demand creation within defined groups of prospect and customer accounts. Yoan One helps to evolve the role of marketing to reflect a stronger alignment with sales objectives and customer needs to deliver better execution and revenue outcomes.

Account-based marketing has grown since the mid-2005 as a demonstration of the trend away from mass marketing towards more targeted approaches. It parallels the movement in business-to-consumer marketing away from mass marketing where organizations try to sell individual products to as many new prospects as possible.

Account based marketing can help companies to:

  • Increase account relevance.
  • Engage earlier and higher with deals.
  • Align marketing activity with account strategies.
  • Get the best value out of marketing.
  • Inspire customers with compelling content.

Invert the Sales Funnel

Improve the quality and effectiveness of your sales process by targeting fewer prospects.

Sales teams are urged to increase their prospect lists and ramp up the number of the people they speak to every day. By casting the net even wider companies hope to make even more sales – but often what they end up doing is simply spending more money, resources and time without any great return on investment.

If you invert the sales funnel and concentrate on selling to fewer people who you know are very likely to need or want your product or service, you’ll spend less time and fewer resources to close the deal.