Understand your Customers!

Account Profiling

The opportunity to gain in depth understanding on how a potential customer operates, how they are structured, who are the key decision makers, their decision making process, who they currently purchase from as well as their future plans.

This service is used extensively by clients who are trying to penetrate new accounts or to expand their contact base within an existing account. Account profiles can be used to help quantify the business potential within an account and are an excellent sales tool to help focus sales resources and develop account plans.

At the end of the exercise a report is produced summarizing all the information gleaned, the contacts identified and recommendations on next actions. A typical account profile report would contain:

Our process methodology:

Company Details:
Head office, telephone & fax numbers etc.
Financial Highlights:
Turnover, profitability, growth etc.
Business Strategy:
Core business activities and drivers.
IT Infrastructure :
Incumbent suppliers and relevant equipment.
IT Strategy:
Overview of strategy and identification of opportunities.
Supplier Relationships:
Suppliers of business/IT services/consultancy etc.
Account Summary:
Outline potential target account offers client.
Key Contacts:
Listing of key contacts identified during networking.
Graphical 'map' of contacts uncovered.

Benefits to You

  • How a prospective buyer thinks,
  • How they plan,
  • Who are their competitors?
  • What products / services they use?
  • When is the subscription ending?
  • Their future decisions pertaining to the purchase of a specific product or service.