DNC Policy


The Federal Trade Commission concurrently implements the Act through the Telemarketing Sales Rule, issued January 29, 2003. Various states have also enacted statutes that govern telemarketing activities. It is YOANONE SOLUTIONS’ policy to comply with these rules, and in particular, to respect and honour the requests of consumers to be placed on YOANONE SOLUTIONS’ internal Do Not Call list, so that such consumers will not receive sales calls from YOANONE SOLUTIONS unless and until they provide consent to receive sales calls. YOANONE SOLUTIONS retains third-party vendors to tele market its goods and services to customers as well as non-customers who do not have an existing business relationship with YOANONE SOLUTIONS. YOANONE SOLUTIONS will not call any YOANONE SOLUTIONS customer who has communicated his or her desire to not receive sales calls. Requests to not receive sales calls are reflected in the customer’s account records. Additionally, the phone number will be added to YOANONE SOLUTIONS’ internal Do Not Call list. In compiling a list of customers to call for a particular telemarketing campaign, YOANONE SOLUTIONS will not include any customer whose account record is marked “do not call.” We will also remove from our calling lists the telephone numbers of those individuals who submit requests directly to us.

Consumers may submit DNC requests by:

  1. calling the following number: +1 646 813 9205
  2. writing to the following address: YoanOne Solutions, 1, Radisson Plaza, Ste #800, New Rochelle, NY - 10801
  3. sending an e-mail to the following address: optout@yoanonesolutions.com
  4. submitting a request online at the following URL: yoanonesolutions.com/contact-us

Please note that such requests are recorded in our databases within five business days of receipt. Federal regulations require companies to honour DNC requests within 30 days. Please allow up to 30 days for YoanOne Solutions to fully implement such requests.

We retain company-specific DNC requests for a minimum of 5 years. If you move or change your telephone number your request may be deleted. If you wish to re-establish your Do-Not-Call request, please contact us at +1 646 813 9205.

We have trained our employees that are engaged in telephone marketing on these policies and procedures and we require our employees to follow them at all times. We have a policy of disciplining and we will discipline any employee who fails to abide by these policies and procedures. If you have questions about our Do-Not-Call Policy, please contact us during normal business hours of Monday thru Friday from 9am till 5pm PST.