5 Brand Awareness Stratigies

Evoultion of successful brand stories


“Brand” the word itself defines the uniqueness of its existence but to mark your presence you need to put right efforts at right time towards the direction of interest of your existing audiences.

What is Brand Awareness?

“Letting customers recognize or recall your brand” with the services you offer, it can be further classified as:

  • Brand recall means customers remember the name of your brand linked to the service you offer.
  • Brand Recongnization is when your customers able to identify your brand or consider it above your competitors.

In this post I am going to share 5 Brand Awareness Strategies helped well known brands to scale their growth in such a short amount of time.

  • Give Value for free: Giving your product or service for free is great way to attract your audience towards your business especially if you just started. Sampling your product for free or offering pro-bono services are two of the oldest tricks in the book of marketing and brand awareness, and if you are generating quality offers, you will create a payoff reputation in your niche.

Hubspot provide a free tool that allows visitors to input their website URL and receive automated suggestions about their overall website performance with recommendations of improvements. In their first week it was used by more than 140,000 companies. To date, it was graded by 4 million websites.


  • Generate Referrals: This strategy will help you to encourage your audience to try out your product or service by referring it to their friends, family and others in a flow.

Dropbox adopted this as “Refer to friend” idea made it really easy for users to refer Drop box to their friends with options like email, social, as well as a link to share via any other user preferred method, in exchange of this referrer get more free space to use for every referred sign up. Dropbox signups increased by 60%


  • Guest Blogging: When you are in a particular business for certain amount of time and have gained knowledge from your experiences then create a article that digs deep into the topic related to your niche {You can also try to showcase your brand as a problem solver, if the host platform allows you} It will ultimately attract readers to know more about you and your brand.

Buffer a social media publishing tool grew from 100,000+ users in nine months by writing 150+ guest posts.


KISSmetrics the brand credits info graphics as one of the main reasons it grew its blog from zero to 350,000 readers a month, in 24 months.


  • Differentiate Your Online Presence: For a small business “online business” is a heaven and a way to build a community of your audience on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and other social media platforms. Share the useful information regarding your niche is a key to build a bonded connection with clients and customers.

Yelp developed a human element to reviewer experience by building a profile behind each one, which made reviews more trustworthy and  reviewers feels that they are the part of the community; Plus, it was an opportunity for them to use Yelp as a reputation-building site. Members could interact with each other by becoming friends, chatting online, or meeting at offline events. Yelp since then accumulated over 148 million reviews by the end of Q4 2017.


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